Aluminium Windows – The Right Choice

One of the popular options for replacement Windows is aluminium windows. These are low maintenance, noncorrosive and durable. The aluminium windows available on the market today are equipped with thermal breaks that improve energy efficiency. If you’re still on the fence for choosing replacement windows, here is a list of some of the major benefits of aluminium for your windows.

One of the biggest benefits of this material is that windows made from aluminium are extremely strong and resistant to elements. These are much less likely to warp compared to some of the other materials commonly used for windows. Also, aluminium has a very high strength to weight ratio which means that it is very lightweight and easy to form into a variety of shapes and configurations.

One of the major issues with window frames is that they need lot of maintenance but very little maintenance is required for windows made of aluminium. You just need to take a sponge dipped in water to wipe clean aluminium. Also, it is available in a variety of colors which means that you won’t need to re-touch or re-paint the frame frequently.

As mentioned in the beginning, the windows available on the market today are also highly energy-efficient and some brands even exceed the energy efficiency standards. These windows are capable of preventing around 60% of heat gain and loss through windows which matches the energy efficiency of expensive material such as vinyl and fiberglass.

In terms of noise abatement, aluminium is better then wood as well as vinyl. Also, aluminium is three times heavier as compared to vinyl but many more times stronger and due to its high density, it also delivers highly acoustic performance which means it is excellent at stopping noise from entering as well as leaving your home.

When it comes to cost, no other material can match the price efficiency of aluminium. These windows are significantly cheaper than other energy-efficient options, thereby providing a strong yet cheaper solution while maintaining excellent energy efficiency. These windows are not just cheaper in terms of installation cost but the maintenance costs are also lower as compared to some of the other materials.

There was a time when not many options were available in terms of finishes and colors in aluminium. However, those days are long gone and these days, finishes are available in a variety of colors from traditional to contemporary which means you can create any kind of feel and look anywhere. Also, the modern windows have a sleek and minimalist style which allows for much wider view due to more glass.

Aluminium is also recyclable and it has one of the highest recycling rates as compared to other metals. In simple terms, it is environmentally sustainable material.

While these are some of the major benefits of aluminium windows, it is important to choose the right supplier of these windows to make sure that you get high-quality windows with the right design and style. Window Factory is one of the most well known and reputable supplier of aluminium windows and doors. They carry these windows in a variety of colors and styles. If you are currently looking for replacement windows, take a close look at the benefits of aluminium as compared to other materials before buying.